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Using the latest in finite element analysis software, we provide structural analysis services to engineering and design professionals who require accurate simulations for their product designs.

Our goal is to help you with the following:

  • optimize your product designs,
  • reduce your product development time,
  • minimize your product development costs,
  • improve the safety and performance of your products,
  • minimize your product design risks, and
  • help you better understand the behaviour of your products under real-world conditions.

Our design and analysis experts specialize in assessing the loading of welded structures, and we can provide design failure and fatigue analyses to help you ensure that your products will function safely and as intended.

What is finite element analysis (FEA)?

Finite element analysis (FEA) is a computational method used to predict the behavior of products under real-world conditions.

FEA simulations allow engineers and designers to virtually test product designs by applying loads, boundary conditions, and material properties to three-dimensional digital models.

Results from FEA simulation studies provide insights into a product’s performance, including material stresses, strain, and deformation under load.

FEA simulation studies are an important part of the design validation process.

How can we help you with our FEA services?

The information we can provide you about the behaviour of your welded structures under load can be used to help improve your designs and ensure that they will meet performance and safety requirements.

Here are some of the benefits we offer for your product development and design validation needs:

Design optimization: Our FEA expertise enables us to test your designs virtually, and we can provide you with valuable insights into how your products will perform under real-world conditions. You can use this information to help improve your designs and ensure that they meet your performance and safety requirements.

Reduced product development time: Performing simulations early in the design process can help you identify and address potential problems before they become expensive to fix. This can significantly reduce your product development time and improve the overall efficiency of your design processes.

Cost savings: Running FEA simulations on your digital models translates into a reduction in the number of physical prototypes you might require to validate your designs. FEA studies can also help minimize the need for costly design modifications later. For these reasons, FEA can help you reduce the overall cost of product development.

Improved product performance: The FEA studies we run can provide valuable information about the behavior of your products under real-world conditions. With the information that we provide, you can optimize your designs for performance, strength, and durability.

Failure analysis and risk mitigation: We can help simulate potential failure scenarios to help you identify and mitigate potential risks before manufacturing. This can help reduce the likelihood of costly product recalls and improve the safety of your products.

A better understanding of your product’s behaviour: Our FEA studies can provide you with a detailed understanding of how your products will behave under different loads and conditions. With this information, you can make informed decisions about your designs and ensure that they meet all functional and safety requirements.

Let us help you validate your designs before production.

Our team of experienced design engineers has a consummate understanding of the design process (working from initial concept sketches to getting designs manufacturing-ready), as well as the expertise to run structural analyses on digital models of your products.

We use the most up-to-date version of the SOLIDWORKS mechanical design suite to run our simulation studies.

So, whether you’re working on a complex assembly or a simple design, we can help you determine the behaviour of your products under real-world conditions before you invest in expensive tooling and manufacturing processes.

If you are looking to get help with optimizing your designs, avoiding costly delays due to unvetted product specifications, and minimizing performance risks associated with your designs, we would love to have the opportunity to work with you.

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Are you looking to optimize the performance and reliability of your engineering designs? At Rafail CAD & Engineering Inc., we offer comprehensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services to help you achieve precisely that. Our team of experienced engineers utilizes advanced FEA techniques and cutting-edge software to simulate and analyze the structural behavior of your designs. By identifying potential weaknesses, stress points, and areas for improvement, we can assist you in making informed design decisions and ensuring optimal performance.

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Our FEA Analysis Services

Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis

Our FEA analysis provides detailed insights into the structural behavior of your designs, allowing us to evaluate factors such as stress distribution, deformation, and buckling. By simulating real-world conditions, we can assess the structural integrity and make recommendations for design enhancements.

Modal Analysis

Modal Analysis

We conduct modal analysis to understand the natural frequencies, mode shapes, and vibration characteristics of your designs. By identifying critical modes and potential resonances, we can mitigate unwanted vibrations and optimize the dynamic performance of your products or structures.

Thermal Analysis

Thermal Analysis

Our FEA capabilities include thermal analysis, enabling us to simulate and evaluate the heat transfer and thermal behavior of your designs. This analysis helps in optimizing thermal management, identifying potential hotspots, and ensuring the reliable performance of components under different temperature conditions.

Fluid Flow Analysis

Fluid Flow Analysis

We offer FEA analysis for fluid flow simulations, enabling you to understand the behavior of fluids within your designs. By evaluating factors such as pressure, velocity, and turbulence, we can optimize fluid flow patterns and enhance the efficiency and performance of your systems.

Design Optimization

Design Optimization

Our FEA analysis provides valuable insights into design weaknesses and areas for improvement. Based on the analysis results, our team can collaborate with you to optimize your designs, reduce material usage, enhance structural performance, and minimize manufacturing costs.